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Narcy Novak: Accused of Two Murders For Inheritance

In a gruesome story that would appall even the most experienced NY estate attorney, Narcy Novak of Westchester New York was charged with her husband Ben Novak's murder. The New York Daily News reports that Ben Novak Jr., hotel heir of Fontainebleu Hotel, was brutally beaten to death in a Westchester County hotel. Federal authorities charged Narcy Novak, her brother, and two other suspects with the murder. They were charged last Friday.

It may have been part of a plan by Narcy Novak to collect from his $10 million estate which boasts the world's second largest collection of Batman memorabilia. The collection is estimated to be worth over $1 million.

Well the plot thickens for Narcy Novak. The Associated Press reports that Narcy Novak was accused by a prosecutor this past Wednesday of beating her elderly mother in law to death in Florida as well. She was beaten to death three months prior to Ben Novak's murder in April 2009. Ben Novak's mother left her entire estate to her son. If Ben Novak died, Narcy Novak stood to inherit all of the estate.

Currently, Narcy Novak was ordered held without bail and has agreed to be transferred to New York in order to face the charges there. 

If you ask a New York estate planning lawyer, he or she would tell you that an heir could be disinherited if that heir is found to be guilty of murdering the decedent. This is called the slayer rule in New York. While these are just accusations against Narcy Novak, if they are proven to be true, she could stand to lose her inheritance rights. 

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