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Heiress Huguette Clark Abandons Estates For Hospital

The New York Daily News reports that heiress Huguette Clark has given up her properties in Manhattan, Connecticut, and California for a small modest room in an undisclosed hospital in New York City. While she is a very private lady, it seems that media outlets want to know what she is planning to do with her vast amounts of wealth. MSNBC reports that Ms. Clark handles all of her matters with NY estate attorney Mr. Wallace Bock, but that she has no apparent heirs. Her nephews claim that they are unaware of her estate planning measures.

She initially lived a life in the public eye; where she courted the wealthiest playboys of the time. However that all changed when she had to suffer her mother's death.

She allegedly told her friends that wealth was a "menace to happiness." At the moment, her nephew has said that she is not in need of a medical proxy and that she has her mental faculties. He said: "She's still alive. She knows where she is. She's not very interested in her friends, but she's still alive." However, none of her relatives know what she plans to do with her massive estate when she passes away.

When Ms Clark's great-half-nephew through the first marriage, Ian Devine was asked about the estate, he said: "The rest of the family would respect her decision. But if she leaves it all to some sketchy cause that she has no close connection to, that would be of some concern."

At the moment, her New York estate planning lawyer Mr. Bock has not disclosed any information about his client's status. He told MSNBC: "She's a very private person. She doesn't care about publicity or reputation."

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