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Michael Jackson Estate Prevails Over Lawsuit

In news that would catch the eye of any NY estate attorney, the Associated Press reports that U.S. District Judge Harold Baer Jr. has granted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought forth by concert promoter AllGood Entertainment Inc. The promoter sued Michael Jackson for $40 million on June 10, 2009 because of a failed reunion concert. The lawsuit claimed that Michael Jackson and his manager broke a contract for a Jackson reunion concert.

The company then filed a creditor's claim with the Michael Jackson estate which alleged that the potential value of the lawsuit could have been at least $300 million.

While it seems that there was a letter of intent signed by Michael Jackson's manager at the time Frank DiLeo, the judge ruled that there was never a contract that could be enforceable. The judge noted that Michael Jackson and his family members never signed a contract for the proposed reunion.

Attorneys for the Michael Jackson estate also claimed that if there was a breach in contract, it was a breach by the promoter first because the promoter had failed to issue a payment to Michael Jackson before the required deadline. Judge Baer wrote that there was no evidence that the promoter AllGood suffered from substantial economic damage because of the missed reunion.

While this ended well for the Michael Jackson estate, it is important for individuals to know that estates can be parties to legal actions. If you have questions about a legal action and estates, make sure you call a New York estate planning lawyer.

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