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Who Manages The Estate Of Huguette Clark?

In the third part of a series of articles about the reclusive heiress Huguette Clark, MSNBC details the accountant and attorney behind the management of Huguette Clark's estate. We have written about how the heiress was wary of family members and outsiders trying to claim a stake in her estate, but what about the advisers closest to her?

When MSNBC interviewed her attorney Wallace "Wally" Bock, he only said that Ms. Clark was a remarkable beauty in her heyday, she was well and spoke to him regularly via telephone, and that her mind is intact. He refused to send her a request for an interview and threatened legal action if MSNBC reported on his client.

Her accountant, Irving H. Kamsler, who is responsible for handling her estate which is worth millions, has pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to disseminate indecent materials to minors, and charges of endangering the welfare of a child because of his chatroom activity with teenage girls. He also has had tax liens for unpaid taxes since 2006, but each lien has been paid off within a year.

Both the accountant and attorney work closely together in Bock's law firm at times. It seems that they also own real estate together. They both co-own a New York co-op apartment that was signed over to them by an elderly client. After that client's will was revised six times, they each received a $100,000 each, his Mercedes, and the apartment. That client was Ms. Clark's previous attorney.

A NY estate attorney can tell you that if a lawyer receives a gift from the estate that he or she has drawn a will up for, then there is an automatic suspicion of undue influence. It is then up to the probate court to decide if the gift was given voluntarily. After an inquiry, both men were cleared of any suspicion.   

It seems that the doctor who saw Ms. Clark ten years ago said that the heiress was in good mental health. Yet, it is possible to require that the two men show that Ms. Clark is now being taken care of financially, medically, etc.

If you have questions about a loved one's state, it could help to contact Adult Protective Services. Referrals can come from anyone. If you have questions about potential issues with undue influence, make sure you ask a New York estate planning lawyer.

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