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Family Of Huguette Clark Request A Temporary Restraining Order

AOL News reports that distant relatives of Huguette Clark have requested a temporary restraining order against her attorney Wallace Bock and her accountant Irving Kamsler. The temporary restraining order, which was requested by the heiress' two nephews and niece, is intended to prevent contact between the heiress and her two financial advisors. The temporary restraining order would also prevent the two from managing her estate, which is estimated to be worth approximately $500 million.

As a result, NY estate attorney Wallace Bock responded by saying that there was no reason to grant the restraining order. He filed a response with the state Supreme Court in Manhattan this past Tuesday. In the filing he wrote: "There simply is no basis in fact or in law for the granting of any temporary restraining order." He called the petitioners "officious interlopers" and "virtual strangers" to the heiress.

While this may seem like a typical day in the life of a New York estate planning lawyer, a lot of individuals are intrigued by the Huguette Clark inheritance story. Vanity Fair writer Jamie Johnson explains the fascination with Ms. Clark as something that the public wants to find out more about because it involves the interpersonal relationship of the wealthy and their financial advisors. People are captivated by stories of how family "outsiders" can ingratiate themselves into family clans and claim a share of inheritance.

While this particular family battle is just starting, there are plenty of families that worry about the consequences of possible undue influence of loved ones. If you have questions about contesting a will, undue influence, or other estate planning questions, make sure to call a NY estate attorney today.

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