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Is A DIY Will Right For You?

According to Forbes writer Deborah L. Jacobs, since a will is one of the most important legal documents that you will prepare in your life, it is better if you seek the help of a seasoned attorney to help draft it. A NY estate attorney can ensure  that your will has the legally required formalities in order to make the will valid; something not easily accomplished with a DIY will. Timothy E. Kalamaros, a lawyer, said that using a DIY will is like "pulling your own tooth with a pair of pliers instead of going to the dentist."

As for individuals who claim that a DIY will is better than no will, well they are right only to certain extent. But as we covered before on this blog, having a DIY will can give individuals a false sense of security. For example, if a person with children writes out a will and fails to appoint a legal guardian for the children, then the estate plan is incomplete. Another important thing to note is that if you write out a DIY will and it turns out to be invalid, then the rules of intestacy apply.

So all of that effort to write out a will may be in vain.

While it may seem like an expensive hassle, hiring a New York estate planning lawyer can ensure that these problems don't end up as your problems. There are plenty of horror stories of families who end up fighting over a DIY will's mistake and up spending more in legal fees to resolve the estate than it would have taken to plan the estate from the beginning.

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