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Mistake On Will Ends With Family Fight In Court

Mistakes on wills do happen. Which is why a NY estate attorney always double checks everything on a will in order to ensure that a will is valid.

Gerleen Holden always believed that she would be able to live in her grandparents' home with her son. This firmly held belief stemmed from a promise that Gerleen Holden's grandfather made to her before he passed away. Unfortunately for her, a mistake on his will means that promise will be a broken one. The New York Daily News reports that when Gerleen Holden's grandfather Clayton Holmes wrote his will, he failed to sign the will in the right spot.

As a result of this, there has been a family feud over the validity of the will. A judge recently ruled that the will was not valid. Since Holden's family is from Holmes' stepchildren, they are not considered beneficiaries in the case of intestacy. As a result, Holmes' nearest blood relatives have inherited the home. Holmes' half siblings not only wanted the home, they wanted to evict Gerleen Holden and her son from the home. Holden told the New York Daily News: "I'm just fighting for my grandparents' legacy. I've been here practically all of my life."

It seems that she will have to find a new place to live because she has recently been evicted on August 24. The sad part of the whole story? If Holmes had taken his will to a New York estate planning lawyer, this family feud would never have happened. NY estate attorney Jason Stern told the Daily News: "It is too bad, because for a few bucks, he could have had a real will drawn up. Wills are very cheap to produce."

If you plan to draft a will, make sure that you consult with a New York estate planning lawyer. A NY estate attorney can ensure that the will is valid in New York state and help you avoid any family feuds.

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