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Narcy Novack Needs A Free Attorney

In one of the more stranger cases that would shock even the most veteran NY estate attorney, accused killer Narcy Novack needs government assistance to help pay for the fees of her Manhattan attorney. The Associated Press reports that Narcy Novack's lawyer has said that he is willing to work for less than his normal rate "because I care about my client and I want to see that justice is done."

As we have written about before on this blog, Narcy Novack is accused of killing her husband Ben Novack Jr. back in July 2009 in a Hilton hotel in Rye Brook, NY. Ben Novack, heir of the Fontainebleau Hotel, was beaten to death in his hotel room. She has been formally charged along with two other individuals with the murder.

Prosecutors claim that Narcy Novack let two killers into the room and watched them as they beat her husband with dumbbells. They claim that she ordered his eyes to be cut out. She is accused of ordering her husband to be murdered in order to lay claim to her inheritance from her husband.

While she has not been formally charged with killing her mother in law in Florida, prosecutors claim that she may be responsible for the beating that ultimately killed the elderly woman. Again, these accusations stem from possible inheritance greed.

Typically with federal cases such as this one, if the defendant can not pay for an attorney, one is appointed for him or her from the federal public defender's office or a panel of attorneys. Judge Karas will make a decision in order to allow Ms. Novack to retain her attorney, but no decision has been made yet.

While this is an unusual situation, if you have questions about inheritance, undue influence and other estate planning issues, it may be smart to consult a NY estate attorney.

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