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Wallace Bock: Heiress Huguette Clark Does Have A Will

In news that will surely pique the interest of any NY estate attorney, it seems that Huguette Clark has a will.  

AOL News reports that a spokesman for Wallace Bock, the NY estate attorney for reclusive heiress Huguette Clark, has revealed that the heiress does indeed have a will. Spokesman Michael McKeon said that the will "has been in existence for some time." However Mr. McKeon would not reveal who the beneficiaries of her will are.

He did say that in spite of speculations by the media that Mr. Bock has allegedly exerted undue influence that Ms. Clark is of sound mind. He said: "Over the years, Ms. Clark has made all of her own decisions--including insisting on her privacy. In short, she had lived her life the way she has wanted to."

Due to investigative reporting done by, the Manhattan District Attorney's Elder Abuse Unit is currently investigating New York estate planning lawyer Wallace Bock and her accountant Irving Kamsler for possible mismanagement of her money. The heiress is worth approximately $500 million. As we have written before, Bock has been the recipient of generous gifts from the heiress such as a dollhouse for his granddaughter. His former paralegal Cynthia Garcia said that the attorney's relationship with the heiress was well known at the law firm.

Spokesman McKeon questioned the former paralegal's credibility. He said: "Both her credibility and her motivation are suspect." While that may be the case, Ms. Clark's close friends and her relatives have not seen the heiress in years. Mr. Bock has denied them access to her claiming that he is following the heiress' wishes.  

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