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Could a Conservatorship Help Lindsay Lohan?

After recently checking herself in to rehab, Lindsay Lohan's family appears to be considering putting the actress under a conservatorship program to help restart Lohan's life and career, MTV reported. The situation parallels Britney Spears', whose father administered a strict conservatorship that brought the singer out of a troubled period.

Conservatorships take place when an individual steps in to manage the day-to-day financial or medical matters of an incapacitated adult. They involve a court-ordered authority to be responsible for the incapacitated person's affairs and generally require court hearings and ongoing assistance from a lawyer, like an NY estate planning attorney.

After Lindsay Lohan was put in jail for a failed drug test and returned to rehab, her estranged father Michael Lohan looked into getting a judge's approval for two conservators to take over his daughter's daily affairs. He supposedly rushed to file conservatorship papers before ex-wife Dina Lohan and Lou Taylor, Lindsay's manager, filed their own requests to act as Lindsay's conservators.

In Britney Spears' case, her father was designated the conservator of her estate and given the power to run her personal and financial affairs and healthcare. His authority included approving or repealing Britney Spears' contracts on her behalf and hiring security guards. For Lindsay Lohan, her father intends for one conservator to handle her finances while another manages her personal life, like helping decide who Lindsay can hang out with.

Conservatorships are incredibly time-consuming, which is why an NY estate planning attorney would be useful in sorting through the piles of paperwork and provide helpful counsel in how to choose a conservator. For general information on conservatorships, you can browse through the Related Resources links.

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