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Huguette Clark Deemed 'Not Lucid'

The New York Daily News reported Manhattan prosecutors believe 104-year-old heiress Huguette Clark is "not lucid" after investigators interviewed the recluse woman twice. The elderly woman was found to be without all her faculties intact and suffering from poor vision and hearing loss, which conflicts with Wallace Bock, Clark's lawyer, and his claims that his client is entirely competent.

NY estate planning lawyers have not heard the last of the issues surrounding Huguette Clark's estate. As mentioned before on this blog, conflict has arisen about the management of Clark's $500 million fortune. The heiress owns Fifth Ave.'s largest co-op apartment and lavish estates in California and Connecticut. Wallace Bock says he has just been following his client's orders to keep her relatives at bay while she resides at the Beth Israel Medical Center.

A month ago, the Manhattan district attorney's office initiated an investigation to determine whether Irving Kamsler, Bock and Clark's accountant, mishandled the heiress' assets or care. Investigators found that Bock had Huguette Clark sign some legal documents before they had come to do their first interview. The enormous forensic review of financial operations may take months until investigators make sure no "suspicious" transfers and such have been made on Clark's accounts.

Huguette Clark's family was surprised and worried when they found $1.5 million of Clark's money was donated to an Israeli settlement where Wallace Bock's daughter lives. Clark's three distant relatives requested that an independent guardian be selected to administer the woman's financial affairs, but a judge denied the request.

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