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Why House Calls By A NY Estate Attorney Are Important

Although much of the estate planning process happens at a lawyer or financial adviser's office, The Wall Street Journal reports those professionals could benefit more from making house calls. Holland & Knight partner Milford B. Hatcher says estate planning "is a 'people's practice,' and a house call promotes personalization." 

House calls help improve communication and create a better relationship between adviser and client. Clients wanting to plan their estates can possibly view NY lawyers or advisers who make house calls as a professional and friend. A New York estate planning attorney may also gain more insight on a client's net worth after visiting the person's home or place of business.

While geographic location has some effect on how often an adviser and client can meet, many people agree on the benefits of seeing a person in his or her own home. An estate planning adviser can easily find and discuss specific assets that may require special treatment while visiting a client's home. An owner may think something like a Picasso painting doesn't require special attention, but an adviser can inform the owner that selling the art would be a simple way to share profits among beneficiaries.

Clients can also get a better sense of personality and values during house calls. He or she can decide whether to move forward with a long- or short-term trust after getting to know an estate planning adviser. If you are considering developing an estate plan, meet with an experienced New York estate planning attorney who can make sure your final asset distribution and healthcare wishes are carried out. Visit the Related Resources links for general information on estate planning.

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