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Timecard Machine Sorts Through Online Memories After Death

While some people will help sort through the personal belongings of a loved one after his or her death, many might inadvertently forget the importance of also arranging the digital affairs and property of that deceased person.

We live in a generation where millions of people share a large part of their lives online, whether through status updates on Facebook, pictures on Flickr, or videos on YouTube. So after death, what happens to all the personal information that many New York locals may leave in the digital world?

According to BBC News Technology, Cambridge-based Microsoft interaction designer Richard Banks has currently developed a device, referred to as a Timecard machine, which stores and organizes digital memories after a loved one has passed on.

Banks has created a couple of Timecard machines that operate on their own without being dependent on any computer or Internet devices. But rather than act as a traditional memory box, the Timecard machine displays photos on an interactive touch screen that shows “a whole range of photos spread over time.”

“If I touch one of those photos at any point, then I get taken to a timeline,” said Banks. With the Timecard machine, people “can start to make objects that maybe represent a person’s life, or maybe give a sense of their evolution over time …”

Banks idea offers great a way to sort through digital photos and maybe even other types of online information in the future, but some have raised concerns about the risk of sharing too much personal data. New York residents may then want to consider planning ahead and sorting through their digital affairs now.

An estate planning lawyer can help you create a will that clearly explains how you would want your estates, both personal and digital, to be handled. For more information on digital estate planning, visit the Related Resources links below.

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