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Huguette Clark's Will Revealed: Nurse, Lawyer, Accountant Benefit

The mystery that surrounded who would inherit Huguette Clark’s vast estate finally came to an end with the filing of her will. The winners were Hadassah Peri, Clark’s nurse, and a to-be-created charity run by her attorney, Wallace Bock, and accountant, Irving Kamsler. The losers? Her family and friends.

Clark, an heiress of a copper fortune, was a mystery both in life and death. She spent the majority of her life estranged from her family, friends, and the outside world and there was rampant speculation that she was being manipulated by Bock, the man who wrote the will, and Kamsler.

When Clark died last month, she left behind a $400 million estate primarily composed of property, art, and rare dolls. Many suspected that Bock and Kamsler might have unduly influenced Clark to bequeath to them the bulk of her estate. Whether they manipulated Clark or not, both men stand to benefit significantly from her will.

Both Bock and Kamsler were named in the will as beneficiaries of $500,000 each. Both were also named as executors of the will, standing to make significant commissions. Most importantly, both were named directors of Clark's new charity promoting the arts -- the recipient of the bulk of Clark's estate.

Along with Wallace Bock and Irving Kamsler, Hadassah Peri, Clark's long-time nurse and close friend, also benefited from the will inheriting Clark's doll collection -- valued in the millions -- and $40 million in other assets.

Besides Huguette Clark's goddaughter, her family and friends were specifically excluded from the will. It'd be a safe bet that one of the excluded would contest the will given the significant inheritances by those who had the most influence over Clark.

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