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All Aspects of Whitney Houston's Estate in Spotlight Now

With the passing of Whitney Houston, many aspects of her estate, both her property and her earnings, are coming up for public discussion.

In terms of property, Whitney Houston's estate includes a New Jersey mansion listed for $1.75 million, reports X17.

And in terms of her other assets, particularly those that come from royalties, there is discussion that her estate will see a lift as a result of what is sometimes called a post-mortem boost, reports Entertainment Weekly. Downloads of her music were up considerably, and she was set to star in a film called Sparkle, which may yet bring more revenue to her estate.

Whitney Houston, no doubt, was familiar with the issue of estate-planning. One example of this is shortly before her death, she became involved in a long-lasting lawsuit over life insurance money brought before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, as discussed by FindLaw.

If Houston does become even more profitable all of a sudden, then the question of how her survivors receive a portion of her estate will become more important going forward. If for some reason Whitney Houston did not have a valid will, then most of the revenues would go to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Wills are the most common way for people to state their preferences about how their estates should be handled after their deaths. Many people use their wills to express their deepest sentiments toward their loved ones. A well-written will eases the transition for survivors by transferring property quickly and avoiding many tax burdens. Despite these advantages, many estimates figure that at least seventy percent of Americans do not have valid wills.

A will is a material way for a parent to say to a child, “I will always love you.” And Bobbi Kristina would probably like all these matters clarified once she has had a chance to mourn her mother’s death.

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