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Estate Planning to Dispose of Digital Property After Death

Today’s NYC estate planning lawyers probably deal with some of the world’s most tech-savvy clients. But many of these clients may not be thinking about certain issues as they age.

One of these issues is how to dispose of your digital property after death, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

Digital property, or cyberlife, means all those email addresses with gigabytes of saved emails, those Facebook addresses with all those comments and pictures, and the Twitter accounts. It can also mean all the online banking accounts and photo archives.

One way to dispose of digital property is to write down all the instructions associated with in a safe-deposit box. That way your relatives can not only access your stuff, but they can also not start fighting with each other as to what belongs to whom. It would be a shame if for some digital property your relatives had to go to NYC probate lawyers and get caught up in a courtfight.

Another thing you might consider doing is to retain a qualified NYC estate planning attorney and work out a detailed plan for how to dispose of the property, to whom, and in what method.

One overlooked angle in digital property after death issues is the question of suicide. Some people, including young people, take their lives unexpectedly, so it would be wise for parents to include their children in their conversations with an attorney. That way the attorney -- with full attorney/client confidentiality -- can help the younger generation make up their own cyberlife plan as well.

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