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George Lindsey of The Andy Griffith Show Dies

George Lindsey, best known for his role as Goober Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, died early Sunday morning, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Lindsey died at a healthcare center in Nashville, Tennessee after a brief illness.

The Andy Griffith Show was a 1960's situation comedy with Andy Griffith starring as the Sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina. Lindsey first appeared in 1964 as Goober Pyle, the cousin of the gas station attendant Gomer Pyle.

Lindsey was born in Fairfield, Alabama in 1928. He grew up in Jasper, Alabama. After spending four years in the Air Force, Lindsey became a teacher and basketball coach at Hazel Green High School. He eventually moved to New York City and studied acting at the American Theatre Wing.

Lindsey was divorced and is survived by his daughter, Camden Jo Lindsey Gardner; his son, George Lindsey Jr.; two grandsons; and his long-time girlfriend Anne Wilson.

There is no word yet as to George Lindsey’s will or estate plan, although it seems unlikely that the actor died intestate.

It can be surprising how many people die intestate. The term intestate essentially refers to when one passes away without leaving behind a will. In normal cases, New York state law will dictate how the estate of an intestate decedent will be distributed.

But in a case such as George Lindsey’s, where he is survived by a companion his wasn’t married to, intestate succession might not lead to the distribution that the decedent desired.

For those who wish their assets to be distributed to someone who is not directly related to them, it becomes imperative to have a will or a proper estate plan, since a court will not guess the wishes of the decedent without such written direction.

Lindsey’s funeral arrangements have yet to be decided. RIP Goober Pyle.

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