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Mary Kennedy's Lawyers Block RFK Jr. From Administering Estate

Mary Kennedy’s lawyers are trying to block Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from becoming the administrator of her estate, reports

Last week, the late Mary Kennedy’s former divorce lawyers filed a petition in Surrogate’s Court in Westchester County. Her lawyers allege that RFK Jr. owed them $278,000 in legal fees, according to the New York Post.

Mary Kennedy and RFK Jr. were separated and in the process of a divorce. RKF Jr. was obligated to pay his estranged wife's household and legal expenses. According to the Post, RFK Jr. had cut off financial support to his wife in the final months of her life.

Mary's lawyers are citing conflict of interest issues if RFK Jr. is put in control of his wife's estate. As an adverse party to the creditors of his wife's estate, Mary's attorneys cited in the filing that RFK Jr. would not be the proper person to handle the distribution of his wife's assets.

Estate administration

When a person passes away, the deceased person's assets need to be gathered and distributed, according to any existing estate plan or intestacy laws. This is done by the administrator of the estate, who can be the named executor of the estate or a personal representative. Part of the tasks of an estate administrator is to manage the deceased person's debts.

If RFK Jr. is named the executor of his wife's estate, he would exercise a great degree of power over the assets in her estate. The Kennedy divorce hasn't been the most amicable of divorces and it's only expected that Mary Kennedy's former lawyers, as major creditors of her estate, would raise such a concern.

The estate has already faced legal issues, almost immediately following Mary's death. The estate of a person who is going through a divorce presents complex issues and no doubt, we'll see some of these issues raised in Surrogate's Court in the coming months.

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