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Jermaine Jackson Backs out of Michael Jackson Estate Battle

Michael Jackson’s estate battle has been in the news very publicly but now, one of his siblings is speaking out about it.

Jermaine Jackson is stating that the battle should not have happened on public turf. He and his brother, Tito, have withdrawn their names from a letter sent to the executors of the estate and have renounced their involvement in the battle over their late brother’s estate, reports Star Pulse.

"It is clearly time for us to live by Michael's words about love not war," Jermaine tweeted on Wednesday.

These statements come after Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, disappeared for several days. As it turns out, she was resting at a family member's house in Arizona.

Nevertheless, the estate battle shows the tremendous pressure the family is under, years after the death of their brother. The fight is over the validity of Michael Jackson's will, reports CBS News. The will leaves out his siblings and as a result, they've alleged that the document is a fake.

But they haven't gone to court over it yet. And the reason the battle hasn't made it to court yet could be largely due to the fact that the siblings have an uphill battle to show standing to sue. As the current will states, none of the siblings are to receive from the will. Without being heirs or beneficiaries under the will, they might not have a legal right to sue.

As a result, the efforts to sue would turn on the children or the mother, all of whom are able to bring suit under the will. This may the reason why the siblings were blocked access from the late singer's children, writes Star Pulse.

The current executors of the estate are attorneys John Branca and John McClain.

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