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Nate Dogg Was a Regulator, Except for His Estate; Probate Ahead

Sure Warren G is the name on the track, but "Regulate" was Nate Dogg all the way. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll even notice that in the story, it is Nate Dogg who saves Warren G from getting mugged by regulating before the two of them get together with the fly ladies.

Sadly, Nate Dogg, whose legal name was Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, passed away suddenly last year due to complications with multiple strokes. In his estate, he left behind real estate and his earnings from his music catalog, but no will to determine where it goes, according to TMZ. Now there are issues between Nate Dogg's six children, his wife, and his mother in administering his estate through the probate process.

Do his children need to worry that there was no will?

The purpose of a will is to designate how your property is supposed to be distributed after your death. While many don't think about writing a will until they are getting on in years, there are many accidents that could cause your early demise.

Wills and trusts are especially important when there are complex assets or family situations that can lead to conflicts. Here, Nate Dogg's children are worried that if his wife and his mother are the administrators of Nate Dogg's estate, the children will not get their fair share, according to TMZ.

When you pass away, the probate court gathers information about your property and then distributes it to those in your will or through intestate succession laws if you died without a will. In this process, one or more people are named as administrators to serve as a point person to communicate with the court.

Once the property is cataloged by a court, it will decide how to divide the property. Under New York intestate laws, a portion will go to the surviving spouse and then the rest will be divided amongst the deceased's children.

But Nate Dogg's estate is being probated in California. Under that state's laws, when you are married and have multiple children, the surviving spouse gets one-third of the estate with the rest divided amongst the children.

So it seems as though Nate Dogg's children don't have to worry that they will be left empty-handed. But there will certainly be some confusion and contention because of the complexity of Nate Dogg's assets and his familial relations.

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