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Kinkade Estate Settles Secretly, in Spirit of Love and Optimism

The estate of artist Thomas Kinkade has been settled. But what's this? There's no news on the settlement reached! It's a secret settlement, which means that details on the $66 million estate dispute are sealed.

That's no fun! After all, the dispute between the late painter's mistress and his estranged wife was an interesting one to follow, with his home up for grabs, as well as numerous works of art.

Kinkade's mistress, Amy Pinto and his estranged wife, Nanette Kinkade, have been embroiled in the estate dispute since earlier this year. The painter died in California but New Yorkers are certainly aware of his work.

Many are also familiar with his message of "love, spirituality and optimism," which were cited by the two parties in the dispute, as they made a public statement about the settlement. According to the statement, as cited by Newser, "the parties are pleased that they have honored Mr. Kinkade by resolving their differences amicably."

According to Newser, Pinto refused to relinquish the house during the estate battle. There's no news on whether she inherited the house in the settlement.

The estate battle centered on two wills that appeared scrawled with Kinkade's handwriting. The legitimacy of those two wills was disputed, as Pinto argued that the wills bequeathed his mansion and $10 million to her.

While California allows holographic wills, the interesting point of note is that a similar battle would likely not go on in New York, as handwritten wills wouldn't be as easily permissible in a New York Surrogate's Court.

Pinto, during the course of the estate battle, claimed that she would go public with her love story involving the painter. The one detail that is known (as reported by Newser) is that she is now agreeing to put the lid on that story, under terms of the settlement.

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