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March 2013 Archives

Do You Really Need to Plan Your Estate?

Let's go back to the basics today. Do you really need your estate planned?

For many, the concept of planning an estate sounds like a bigger deal than it is. You might think you don't have enough of an estate to plan; after all, estate planning is for the wealthy, right?

You may also think that it's something that's easy to do by yourself. All you need to do is to write out your wishes on paper and go to a notary, right?

How to Talk Finances With Your Kids

It seems as though everyone is talking about elder care these days. A recent segment on NBC's "Today" discussed how to talk finances with your kids.

Many children assume that their parents have financially planned for their old age. The result is that they don't necessarily think there is much need to look after their parents' financial well being as they get older.

Going Into a Nursing Home? Plan Your Estate First

Last week, there was some shocking news out of an independent living facility in California.

The story really drives home the importance of having a proper health care directive. It also raises some important concerns involving the rights of patients in elder care and nursing home facilities. As a result, it's imperative upon anyone entering a nursing home to have their proper estate planning documents laid out and drafted.

In the California case, a woman died at an independent living facility after a woman (who identified herself as a nurse) declined to perform CPR when a 911 dispatcher asked her to, the Los Angeles Times reports.