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April 2013 Archives

5 Ways to Minimize Estate Taxes

A major part of estate planning is developing an understanding of your potential tax liability and minimizing this amount.

The federal estate tax, which is imposed on large estates, can be reduced through various estate planning techniques. The following is a list of five methods you may want to think about as ways to reduce your estate taxes:

5 Tips for Keeping Your Passwords, Keys, and PIN Numbers

Even the best-drafted estate plan is useless if there is no way to access your money and property. That's why it is critical to account for things like your keys, PIN numbers, and passwords when drafting an estate plan.

If you do not properly account for these things, your family may be completely precluded from accessing electronic records, as well as cash and jewelry you keep somewhere secure like in a safe.

Here are five tips for keeping track of your passwords, keys, and PIN numbers: